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Capability management whitepaper: know abilities of your business to improve productivity

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The Emergence of Capability Management and what is capability management?
Organisations that have pioneered capability management have identified eight distinct elements which together make up a capability. This desire for better insight into capabilities and better business control over outcomes is leading to the emergence of capability management as a management discipline.
Board-level executives want to optimise business, improve productivity and move quickly and confidently to address new business opportunities.
The elements of productvity improvement are:
1. Strategy: the business objective that the capability is meant to achieve
2. Requirement: the documentation of what’s needed to perform the capability / performance managment
3. People: the job roles responsible for performing and managing the capability.
4. Processes: the individual sequences of steps that describe how the capability is performed (performance management)
5. Information: the information needed to carry out the capability
6. Systems: the IT hardware and software needed to support and enable the capability
7. Products: the products or services that the capability supports
8. Regulations: the external laws and regulations affecting the capability.
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The Obstacles to Enterprise-Wide Capability Management
Anyone who has spent time in a large organisation knows that getting the required level of insight into these elements –and, crucially, the dependencies between them – is an almost impossibly complex task.
There are three broad obstacles standing in the way of enabling capability management at a macro level within a typical organisation: siloed business units, fragmented IT systems, and the lack of a common language or framework to describe what the business does. Let’s look at each one in turn.
New Technology and Methodologies Makes Capability Management Possible
Organisations are being helped in this endeavour by the fact that the first truly holistic enterprise capability management approach is now supported by the technology to make it accessible across an enterprise.
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